Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Uzebox - DIY Video Game Console

Demo, Review, & Building Tips


Time for a little fun! I recently picked up an Uzebox. What is that you ask? The Uzebox (pronounced use-box not ooze-box) is a DIY, open source, Video Game console based on an ATmega644 microcontroller. It comes with an memory card loaded with versions of some retro classics to get you playing right away. But that's only half the story. Since this console is completely open source, you can dive in and program your own games.

It comes in kit form ready for you to build and boasts the following specs:

CPU: ATmega644 microcontroller
Total RAM: 4K
Program Memory: 64K
Speed: 28.61818Mhz (Overclocked)
Colors: 256 simultaneous colors arranged in a 3:3:2 color space (Red:3 bits, Green:3 bits, Blue: 2 bits)
Resolution: Up to 360x224 pixels (tiles-only and tiles-and-sprites modes)
Sprites: Up to 32 simultaneous sprites on screen at any time
Video output: NTSC Composite and S-Video (Works without changes on most PAL/SECAM TVs)
Sound: 4 channels wavetable, 8-bit mono, mixed at ~15Khz and output via PWM
Inputs: Two NES/SNES compatible joypad inputs
Options: MIDI-in interface and s-video output

I purchased the kit from Adafruit at a price of $75 U.S and have been enjoying the retro-gaming goodness that oozes (no pun intended) from this little console. Be sure to pick up a 9-volt adapter and extra controller while you are there (not included in kit).

Watch the following video for details of the kit, building tips, and demos of the games.


  1. That sounds like a cool device. I personally am a fan of several of the older games. There are lots of newer ones that I like too, so I guess I would get the best of both with this system.

    I think it's good that they make it available for a reasonable price too. It means you can start playing right away and then get whatever accessories you really need to add to your experience a bit later.

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