** This album is offered as Pay What You Want **
That means you can have it for FREE or whatever price you wish to contribute. Enjoy!

TEKBRANE is an experimental electronic music project that allows me to take the projects I make on Notes and Volts out for a test drive. The inspiration for the music comes from my fondness for the old school sounds that emanate from classic synths and computers.

You can check out full songs and videos at the Official TEKBRANE Website or by using the player above. Watch the video below for a quick sample of the album.

If you find this blog remotely helpful or interesting and would like to help out, simply go to the TEKBRANE Bandcamp page and pick up a copy of the album. For a few dollars (you can contribute more if you're particularly awesome) you can help grease the wheels of this geek train. Everybody wins! You get some music, and I get some help purchasing parts for future projects that I can share.

Thanks for your support!