Friday 29 September 2023

Play a Chord with one foot - Arduino - RE-KORD

Download the Code and Schematic HERE

The RE-KORD is a project that was suggested by a Notes and Volts viewer. They play bass in a band and needed a way to play chords on a Midi sound generator. The RE-KORD is a box that sits between a midi keyboard and a midi sound source. You can program up to 8 notes into each key on the keyboard and trigger them all with one press! Watch the video for details.

Saturday 1 July 2023

Build a Midi to Relay Box for Arduino

Download the code HERE

PARTS LIST (with Amazon links)

1 - Relay Board (8 relays)

1 - Arduino Nano

1 - 6N138 Optocoupler

1 - 1N914 Diode

1 - LED

2 - 220 Ohm Resistors (1/4 Watt)

1 - 470 Ohm Resistor (1/4 Watt)

1 - 4.7K Ohm Resistor (1/4 Watt)

1 - Midi Jack

1 - 5V Power Adaptor (1-Amp)

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Build a Teensy Stand-Alone Filter

I love Teensy Microcontrollers! I'm constantly finding new uses for them. In this video, we will use a Teensy 3.2 with the matching SGTL5000 Audio board to make a stand-alone synth filter! This will also work with the Teensy 4.x series. The Teensy 3.x and 4.x use different Audio boards so make sure you get the correct one.

Download the code HERE

PARTS on Amazon

Teensy 3.2 Microprocessor

Teensy Audio Board


10K Linear Pots

Friday 2 December 2022

Build a Programmable USB Midi Controller - FADR-4


The FADR-4 is a programmable - four fader - USB Midi Controller. It uses 100mm faders for precise control and a quick one button and LED interface for changing Midi CC numbers. Check out this video to learn how to build one! VIDEO

Download the code and schematics at my Github page HERE

PARTS LIST (with Amazon Associate Links)

1 - Teensy LC Microcontroller

1 - 74AHCT125 Quad Buffer

1 - MAX7219 LED Driver

1 - Three Digit LED Display - Common Cathode

2 - 0.1 MicroFarad Capacitors

1 - 33K Ohm Resistor - 1/4 Watt

1 - Panel Mount USB Adaptor cable (Micro to USB B)

1 - Push Button - Momentary - Normally Open

4 - 10k Ohm (Linear Taper) Potentiometers - Can be Faders or Turn Pots

(I used ALPS RSA0N1119A02)

Tuesday 1 November 2022

ROLAND VT-4 Midi Remote Control

I needed a way to remotely trigger my Roland VT-4 voice transformer easily. So I came up with this remote control box that connects via 5-Pin Midi to the VT-4. It uses a 4-Position rotary switch to select presets and an Arcade Button to trigger them. Here's how you can build one!

Download the code and schematic HERE

Parts List (with Amazon Links)

1 - Arduino Nano

1 - 4 Position Rotary Switch OFF/ON/ON/ON

1 - Arcade Button with LED

1 - Panel Mount MIDI Jack

2 - 1/4" Mono Phone Jacks

3 - 220 Ohm Resistors 1/4 Watt

1 - Power Jack 2.1mm

1 - Adafruit Perma-Proto Board (Half-Size)

1 - Hammond 1590XXBK Enclosure

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Dave Makes Your Dreams Come True - Strymon BigSky Remote

Dave Makes Your Dreams Come True is a show where I take a random viewer request and make it reality! In this episode I am building a custom controller for a Strymon BigSky reverb for a viewer named Hank.

Download the code and schematic HERE

Parts List (with Amazon Links)

1 - Arduino Nano 5V

2 - SPST Footswitches

1 - Midi Jack

4 - 220 Ohm Resistors

2 - LEDs

1 - Power Jack

Sunday 1 May 2022

Build a USB Midi Footswitch

Download the files for this project HERE

The best part of being a maker is being able to build the exact solution to your problem. I have spent the last few years building a musical playground that allows me to create jams on the fly when I livestream on my Twitch Channel. I've been slowly refining this process and learning how to be a one man band. I recently got to perform at Synthfest which put my skills to the test.

I discovered a great piece of looping software called Endlesss that greatly simplifies capturing my ideas in real time. You just play and hit a button to capture a loop. This works great - until I pick up my guitar. Then my lack of free hands makes looping an awkward proposition. The solution - a footswitch!

I designed a simple four button footswitch that puts out a Midi CC command when the switch is pressed. This is mapped into Endlesss to record the loops. Simple! I call it the EDLS-FS (pronounced as "Endless FS"). It's a very simple project that makes a great introduction into Midi controller design.

Watch this video for build instructions:

Parts List (with Amazon Affiliate Links)

1 - Hammond 1590BX2-BK Enclosure

1 - Teensy LC Microcontroller

4 - SPST Momentary - Normally OPEN Footswitches

1 - USB B to Micro USB Panel Mount Cable

2 - Rolls of 22AWG - Stranded Wire

Tools Used

- Soldering Iron

- Drill with 1/2" Stepped Drill Bit

- Automatic Center Punch