Sunday 1 May 2022

Build a USB Midi Footswitch

Download the files for this project HERE

The best part of being a maker is being able to build the exact solution to your problem. I have spent the last few years building a musical playground that allows me to create jams on the fly when I livestream on my Twitch Channel. I've been slowly refining this process and learning how to be a one man band. I recently got to perform at Synthfest which put my skills to the test.

I discovered a great piece of looping software called Endlesss that greatly simplifies capturing my ideas in real time. You just play and hit a button to capture a loop. This works great - until I pick up my guitar. Then my lack of free hands makes looping an awkward proposition. The solution - a footswitch!

I designed a simple four button footswitch that puts out a Midi CC command when the switch is pressed. This is mapped into Endlesss to record the loops. Simple! I call it the EDLS-FS (pronounced as "Endless FS"). It's a very simple project that makes a great introduction into Midi controller design.

Watch this video for build instructions:

Parts List (with Amazon Affiliate Links)

1 - Hammond 1590BX2-BK Enclosure

1 - Teensy LC Microcontroller

4 - SPST Momentary - Normally OPEN Footswitches

1 - USB B to Micro USB Panel Mount Cable

2 - Rolls of 22AWG - Stranded Wire

Tools Used

- Soldering Iron

- Drill with 1/2" Stepped Drill Bit

- Automatic Center Punch