Thursday, 29 September 2016

Twitch Switch - Part 1

A Switch for your Twitch

I recently started streaming on so I can have some company when I'm working in the lab. Since I'm sitting at a workbench and usually have my hands full, I found it inconvienient to reach for the keyboard and mouse every time I wanted to switch scenes on my stream.

To solve this problem I created the Twitch Switch. This little box functions as a USB keyboard that can send multiple key presses with one button. This makes it really easy to change scenes and camera views in OBS Studio (my streaming software) at any time.

I have found the Twitch Switch to be extremely useful during my live streams so I thought I would share it with you.

Build It

First download the Drill Guide and the Front Panel. Next, watch the video for instructions.

Parts you need

1 x Hammond - 1590BB enclosure (I went with the purple one)

10 x Push Buttons - White

1 x Push Button - Red

1 x Teensy LC

4 x Rubber Feet - Self Adhesive

2 x Wire - 22 Gauge Solid Core

1 x USB cable - Type B (Female - Panel Mount) to Mirco B (Male)


1/8" Drill Bit

1/2" Drill Bit

13.5mm Drill Bit

Center Punch

Thermal Laminator


Photo Paper - Matte

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