Monday, 8 May 2017

Auduino Synth build for the Arduino Nano

In my recent LIVE from the Lab Youtube stream, I built up an Auduino Granular Synth using an Arduino Nano and a handful of parts. You can watch the VOD of the session below.

This is a relatively simple (but extremely fun) project that demonstrates how quickly you can build a fully functioning Synth and control it with Midi. **NOTE - This project uses old school 5-Pin Midi only so you will need a Midi interface to connect it to your PC**

Download the code and schematics HERE and follow the video for the complete tutorial. Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi Dave, first of all compliments on your work - it is inspiring. Whilst looking for granular VST's i stumbled over the Auduino video and decided to pick up this long lost skill. My components are on order and as i am getting to grips with the code (i am still from the Basic+ era) i was wondering if you could make the auduino switchable between stand alone and midi triggered by means of a pushbutton or switch. It would greatly add to the versatility of this instrument. Thanks in advance and thumbs up from the Netherlands. Sef Spee