Monday 15 August 2011

Help me identify this Lap Steel

I'm putting a call out to all the gear heads out there. I bought this Lap Steel on consignment from a local music store. As you can see, it looks pretty sexy and plays great. The store had no idea of its manufacturer. There are no markings on it whatsoever. Please leave a comment below if you know anything. Much appreciated.


  1. ktone - look on Amazon "Ktone 6 String Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar"

    1. Wow! That looks like it. Thanks for your help!

  2. Do you like the guitar? I am looking for a budget lap steel and might pick one up.

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  4. Pretty sure Kevin Post (Blake Shelton Band) plays a lap steel that looks a lot like this one. Take a look at the 2 minute mark of this Tonite Show video: I could possibly be all wet. It's definitely a different neck pick-up.