Monday 6 February 2012

Steal My Music

 Everything must go!

When I am not busy filling my workshop with the sweet smell of burning resistors, I enjoy dabbling with music. Over the years, I have amassed hard drives filled with song snippets, failed ideas, and weird sonic experiments. Instead of just waiting for a drive crash to erase them, I thought I would just release some of them, untouched, for you fine folks to do with what you will. Use them for your videos, pod-casts, have a good laugh, or print them out and use them for TP. I don't mind. If you do mange to do something cool, please let me know. And maybe throw a mention my way.

Go to SoundCloud to have a listen.



  1. your music has inspired me to fulfill my dreams to be a dentist. I can never thank you enough

  2. Thanks Anonymous commenter, who may work in my immediate vicinity...Get back to work!!