Sunday 28 September 2014


I'm happy to report that Notes and Volts has reached another milestone with 100,000 views recorded!

I know this isn't a huge amount in internet terms considering that the average Boy Band member can amass more views with an Instagram picture of his half eaten canolli. But when it comes to the non-mainstream kind of stuff that happens here, 100K is great! It's nice to know there are that many fellow geeks experimenting with music electronics out there.

In other news, the Notes and Volts Youtube Channel has reached 700 subscibers with over a quarter of a million minutes watched. That equates to six solid months of me blathering on about stuff. Terrifying when you think about it!

Notes and Volts has also started a Facebook Page (Yeah, I know....but you kind of need one these days). Why not drop by and show it some love!

I started this blog on a whim back in 2011 without any grand plan or expectations. I could never have dreamed of this much support.

I want to thank all the great people I have met and who have supported this blog over the years. I hope you continue to find this an interesting place to visit.

Now to get back to backlog of projects I am planning for future articles. So until next time - Onward and Upward!


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