Friday, 29 September 2017

WHAM Jammer - Build it!

Here's a cool project for the guitar players out there. The WHAM Jammer is a circuit that connects to a DigiTech Whammy 5 pedal through the Midi port and makes it do things that might be considered....unnatural.

The following video shows you how to quickly build the circuit on a breadboard so you can try it out. I'll get to work on designing a proper enclosed version.

Download the software and schematic HERE

If you want to build a permanent version in a custom enclosure, watch this!

Parts List (with Amazon affiliate links)

1 - Arduino Nano (clone version)
1 - Breadboard
1 - 6N138 Optocoupler
1 - 1n914 Diode
2 -  5 Pin Midi Jack
3 - 220 Ohm Resistor
1 - 1K Ohm Resistor
1 - 470 Ohm Resistor

Parts for Enclosure

1 - Adafruit Perma-Proto 1/2 Sized Breadboard
1 - Chip Socket - 8 Pin
1 - Header - 2 Pin - (or cut from longer Breakaway type)
1 - Jumper - 2 Pin
1 - Hammond 1590BB Aluminum Enclosure - Red preferred
2 - Panel mount MIDI Jacks
1 - DC Barrel Jack - 2.1mm
4 - Rivets - 1/8" Aluminum - 1/4" Grip
2 - M3 PCB Standoffs - 10mm
4 - M3 x 6 - Button Head Bolts
4 - Rubber Feet - Adhesive

Gear used in video

DigiTech Whammy 5 pedal
M-Audio MIDISPORT 2x2 Midi Interface
Hakko FX888D - Soldering Station


  1. Pretty Cool, It will work with Wahammy 4? (a lot of double u on a short frase)

    1. Hi Claudio. I don't have a 4 so I have no way to test. But I would say no.

    2. it works with Whammy DT, thanks Dave

  2. The link for the midi interface is no good, please fix

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  4. So will this work as a sequencer for my Whammy 5? If so, how do I program a sequence into the nano? Thanks!

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