Friday 29 September 2017

WHAM Jammer - Build it!

Here's a cool project for the guitar players out there. The WHAM Jammer is a circuit that connects to a DigiTech Whammy 5 pedal through the Midi port and makes it do things that might be considered....unnatural.

The following video shows you how to quickly build the circuit on a breadboard so you can try it out. I'll get to work on designing a proper enclosed version.

Download the software and schematic HERE

If you want to build a permanent version in a custom enclosure, watch this!

Parts List (with Amazon affiliate links)

1 - Arduino Nano (clone version)
1 - Breadboard
1 - 6N138 Optocoupler
1 - 1n914 Diode
2 -  5 Pin Midi Jack
3 - 220 Ohm Resistor
1 - 1K Ohm Resistor
1 - 470 Ohm Resistor

Parts for Enclosure

1 - Adafruit Perma-Proto 1/2 Sized Breadboard
1 - Chip Socket - 8 Pin
1 - Header - 2 Pin - (or cut from longer Breakaway type)
1 - Jumper - 2 Pin
1 - Hammond 1590BB Aluminum Enclosure - Red preferred
2 - Panel mount MIDI Jacks
1 - DC Barrel Jack - 2.1mm
4 - Rivets - 1/8" Aluminum - 1/4" Grip
2 - M3 PCB Standoffs - 10mm
4 - M3 x 6 - Button Head Bolts
4 - Rubber Feet - Adhesive

Gear used in video

DigiTech Whammy 5 pedal
M-Audio MIDISPORT 2x2 Midi Interface
Hakko FX888D - Soldering Station


  1. Pretty Cool, It will work with Wahammy 4? (a lot of double u on a short frase)

    1. Hi Claudio. I don't have a 4 so I have no way to test. But I would say no.

    2. it works with Whammy DT, thanks Dave

  2. The link for the midi interface is no good, please fix

  3. So will this work as a sequencer for my Whammy 5? If so, how do I program a sequence into the nano? Thanks!

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  6. Hi Dave!
    First of all, you did a great job on this build. It´s a very well explained and conceived project, so it was easy as pie to follow your instructions and build my own WHAMjammer. I had a lot of fun since! Altough it works just fine in general, lately i had some issues when using the WHAMjammer together with other timebased effects (for e.g Strymon Mobius set on Pulsewave Tremolo). It seems that the sync of one of both effects is oscillating, causing oscillating phaseshifts between the tremolowave and the arpeggiated Whammysignal. Both devices are receiving Midisync and CC form the same Midiport. I´m assuming that the groundingresistor connected to the 6n138´s Pin7 could cause that issue, since it´s affecting the midisignal, right? Otherwise, could it be possible that the arduino nano simply isn´t fast enough, interpreting and converting the incoming midisignal for the whammy to stay in sync? I´m pretty sure, that the Mobius isn´t part of the problem, since it works fine with other gear and also Ableton Live.
    Thanks in advance, Mutethatdude

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