Friday 8 December 2017

FADR-8 Midi Fader Box - with JLCPCB

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The company contacted me with an interesting idea for a collaboration video. They asked me to come up with a project and they would provide the PCB's. I have always wanted to build a Midi Fader box with some high quality - full size faders. So I created the FADR-8.

I decided to use a Teensy LC microcontroller as the brains of the unit since it handles USB Midi very well. I also went with a three digit LED display for that retro vibe. Finally, I added two buttons that allow for setting the values of the faders and switching between eight banks of presets. To top it off, I made some custom 3D printed fader knobs.

The project uses ALPS RS6011SP6003 faders and a Hammond 1590DDBK box for the enclosure. To drive the LED display I used a MAX7219 chip I had in stock and a 74AHCT125 level converter chip to make it play nicely with the 3.3v Teensy board.

Working with faders is much more challenging that working with potentiometers. Instead of a simple drill hole, faders require a accurately cut slot in the enclosure. For this you will need a milling machine. I would hate to try this with hand tools.

Overall this was a very satisfying project. The PCB's from JLCPCB were perfect and everything fit together nicely. Watch the video below to see how everything came together.


  1. Hi this is a very good project for home DAW setup & other,
    I want to make the project, plese help me sir............
    How to get FADR-8 gerber file for order to JLC,
    How to get arduino code of that project

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  2. Dave, hope you are well, this piece is very nice! As soon as you can let us know how we can rock one!

  3. Hi, Can you tell me if and where I can buy a FADR 8 complete and ready to use.



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